Press Conference Microphones


My Legal Einstein was invited to present at the Swiss LegalTech Association Innovation Conference 2021. An online product demonstration was produced to demonstrate end-to-end functionality of importing, collaborating, and negotiating a legal contract using Legal AI.

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Chris Fortier, Attorney at Social Security Administration, demonstrates My Legal Einstein as part of ABA (American Bar Association) Techshow presentation on Proofreading and Writing Automation. #ABATechshow2021

Updated: Apr 19

"One feature that caught Artificial Lawyer’s eye was a side-by-side capability that allows a lawyer to compare a third-party contract with both a company’s playbook or template, and also examples of a previous contract of the same type it may have in its DMS. I.e. you can see all three on the screen at the same time and compare them directly inside the system – which is a nice touch." - Richard Tromans, Artificial Lawyer